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Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I had a short  groundwork session with Remy this morning and he really felt like he was more in-tune with me. His halts were good, with less turning in towards me, he was staying at a good distance from me , respecting my space and seemed very focussed. His backing was really fluid with nice measured steps.
After my session with Remy, I took Corky out for a hack. We did a different ride today, one that Corky has done a few times, but it's a while ago and it all added to the excitement. We saw a family of deer in a field at the side of the track, they didn't move a muscle, even baby who was lying down, half hidden in the grass. Corky saw them and kept her eye on them as we went past but made nothing of it.

On our way back I had a chance to do a bit of schooling, with halts, reinback and some leg yield. Her halts are really good, if I still my seat and close my fingers on the reins she comes softly into a nice smooth halt. We practiced one or two halt/reinback/walk-on  transitions and she became lighter and much more mobile, even offering a reinback/trot transition which felt very nice. We had a nice trot on one of the uphill tracks and whilst it wasn't very active it did feel soft and relaxed.We stayed out for just over an hour and it was another enjoyable ride.
We gave the trailer training a miss when we brought them in from the field, both Jim and I were shivering it was so cold. It won't harm, it'll give them chance to thnk it over.
We've just had prawn and vegetable stir fry noodle for tea, yummy - who needs take aways!

Monday, 9 March 2009

My little boy is growing up!

Today I did the same with Anky, work in the garden.

She was better again. Very relaxed following me calmly. I took off the rope and she stood with me. As I started to walk on she walked at the side of me, about 3 ft away. I walked a circle, then changed direction, she followed my signal. Back on to a circle, I positioned myself back towards her quarters and raised the whip very slightly, level with her pastern, at the same time moving into a slow trot ( I'm sure it's hilarious to watch!), she was very attentive and as soon as I did this she started to trot slowly at the side of me. I trotted a circle and then deliberately came back to a walk, she did the same, then to halt, she copied me instantly. I am so pleased with her.

The sun had peeped from behind a cloud, I was feeling good so I brought my boy onto the yard. He's just coming up 3 so starting a little groundwork, asking for halt and walk on. He was so calm, such a good boy, it's hard to believe that this is the same little chap we saw born not so long ago, and would you believe it for the first time in his life he's gone croup high.

Friday, 6 March 2009

In the *Picadero* hee hee

By picadero, I mean an 11x11metre part of my garden taped off. (Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling)

Anyway, took Anky in there today to practice some free lunging. She loved it!!! I would like to say it was a perfect communication experience, but I would be lying. She had a great time eating the lovely lush grass.........
Seriously, the grass was quite a distraction, but after some time she started to respond to me and moved quite nicely round me on both reins. She was quite relaxed, so I take that as a great positive!